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Selection and application of spring POGO PIN probe connector

2018-08-22 10:47:28 Browse:
The rise of smart wear,mobile phones become thinner and lighter,fast charging leads to the increasing demand for high current connectors,making the application of spring POGO PIN probe connectors more frequent,now the market of smart digital products are basically used to spring POGO PIN thimble connectors,only some low-end products may still use elastic discs.Connector.
Today Yongtan electronic braid with you to explore the following:spring POGO PIN top probe connector in the selection and application of products should pay attention to matters.
Selection of working stroke of spring POGO PIN probe connector
Selection of spring POGO PIN probe connector must be based on the use of the product space and choose within the working range;too small space will spring POGO PIN thimble connector excessive compression,affecting service life,space is too large,may cause contact not in place,impedance instability,transient break Like.
Specializing in the production of pogo pin connector
Two.Choice of plating materials
Plating materials in the spring POGO PIN thimble connector can increase electrical conductivity,prevent oxidation,anti-wear and other functions,different materials,its role is different,like gold has good electrical conductivity,for high current connectors,high impedance requirements of products will generally choose gold plating.
Three.Influence of thickness of electroplating film
The spring POGO PIN thimble connector will be worn because it must be contacted for a long time.The thickness of the electroplating film will have a great impact on the service life of the product.When used to a certain limit,the electroplating layer will be worn out,and the phenomenon of excessive resistance and instability of impedance may appear.The 100,000 times of pogopin plating is certainly thicker than the 10,000 times of pogopin plating,so be sure to choose the thickness of the product when selecting the type.
Four.The influence of elasticity.
The contact force of the spring POGO PIN plug connector is derived from the internal spring.The spring elastic force can directly affect the impedance and stability of the spring POGO PIN plug.If the elastic force is too large,the friction coefficient will be increased and the service life of the spring POGO PIN plug will be affected.
The spring POGO PIN probe connector manufactured by Yongtan Electronics has always maintained a leading edge and has been recognized by some well-known enterprises at home and abroad.It has become a better supplier of spring POGO PIN thimble connector.And established good goodwill.Yongtan Electronics has more than 10 years of industry experience and senior technical team,a profound understanding of the core mechanism of Yongtan Electronics POGO PIN,from the key and detailed local control process and quality,to ensure that customers provide high-quality products and services.