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Three main components of optical fiber connectors

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Fiber optic connectors are unique.Fiber optic cables transmit optical pulses instead of electrical signals,so termination must be more precise.Instead of just allowing pins to make metal contact with the metal,fiber optic connectors must be perfectly aligned to microscope glass in order to allow communication.
Double fiber and single fiber:
Single fiber is a connector for each port;however,double fiber refers to two connectors per port.
The three main components of optical fiber connector are metal ring,connector body and coupling mechanism.
Metal ring-this is a thin structure(usually cylindrical),which actually holds glass fiber.There is a hollow center on the fiber to form a tight handle.Metal rings are usually made of ceramics,metals,or high-quality plastics,and usually hold a chain of fibers.
Connector body-This is a plastic or metal structure that holds the ring and attaches to the sheath and reinforces the cable itself.
Coupling mechanism-this is part of the connector body when it is connected to another device(switch,network card,bulkhead coupler,etc.)for fixing the connector.It may be a latch clip,a bayonet nut,or a similar device.
Common types of optical fiber connectors:
1.SC connector
SC was developed by NTT Laboratory in the mid-1980s and is one of the first connectors to enter the market with the arrival of ceramic rings.Sometimes called the"square connector"the SC has a push-pull coupling end face with a spring-loaded ceramic ring.Originally used in Gigabit Ethernet networks,it was standardized as the telecommunications standard TIA-568A in 1991,and popularity grew slowly as costs fell.Because of its excellent performance,it occupies more than ten years of optical fiber and is only comparable to ST.In thirty years,it is still the second most common connector for polarization maintaining applications.It is well suited for data communications and telecommunication applications,including point to point and passive optical networks.
2.LC connector
Some people believe that modern SC connectors were replaced;their launch was not successful,partly because of the high licensing fees initially imposed by Lucent,the inventor.Push-pull connectors in LC utilize latches relative to SC latches and have smaller rings,which are called small shape factor connectors.Half the footprint of the SC connector makes it tremendously popular for data communications and high-density patches.The combination of its small size and latch function makes it very suitable for densely populated rack/panel.
With the introduction of LC compatible transceivers and active network components,its steady growth in the field of FTTH may continue.
3.FC connector
FC is the first fiber optic connector to use ceramic cores,but unlike plastic SC and LC,it uses round spiral fittings made from nickel or stainless steel.The end face of the connector depends on the adapter/socket that correctly inserts the positioning card lock and is then screwed into the threaded barrel clip for use.Despite the additional complexity of both in**and installation,it remains the preferred connector for precision measurement equipment,such as OTDR products.Originally used for data communications and telecommunications applications,its use of SC and LC has been reduced.These provide similar performance to FC,but both have cheaper components and connect faster.However,the FC chuck on the screw does not make it particularly effective in high vibration environments,thus ensuring that the spring-loaded ring is firmly fitted.
4.ST connector
Shortly after the arrival of FC,the ST connector was developed by AT&T.One eye can be misdiagnosed as one another,while ST uses bayonets instead of threads.The use of FC has declined in recent decades,for the same reason.In addition,it can not be polished with angle,which limits the use of single-mode optical fiber and FTTH applications.
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