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Advantages and selection skills of HDMI

2018-08-22 11:06:29 Browse:
HDMI has advantages over existing analog video interfaces such as composite,S-Video and component video.
1.Quality:HDMI is a digital interface that provides the best video quality because all analog connections(such as component video or S-video)require no loss when converting from analog to digital.This difference is particularly evident at higher resolutions,such as 1080p.Digital video will be clearer than component video,eliminating the softness and tailing found in component video.Small,high contrast details such as text bring the difference to the extreme.
2.Easy to use:HDMI integrates video and multi-channel audio in single cable,thus eliminating the cost,complexity and confusion of multi-cable used in current A/V systems.This is especially useful when upgrading or adding devices.
3.High Intelligence:HDMI supports bidirectional communication between video sources(such as DVD players)and DTV,and implements new functions,such as automatic configuration and one-click playback.By using HDMI,the device automatically transmits the most efficient format for the connected display(e.g.480p vs 720p,16:9 vs 4:3)?Eliminating the hassle of consumers needing to scroll through all formatting options to guess the best viewing format.
4.High-definition content ready:HDCP-enabled HDMI devices have access to advanced high-definition content,which gives us some comfort.HD-DVD and Blu-ray have delayed the start-up of image resistance tags(also known as content protection tags)for today's high-definition movies to help minimize potential problems due to conversion,but are expected to start the tag within a few years,meaning future high-definition movies will not be able to pass unprotected interfaces(such as simulation).Components)play at high definition.
Shopping tips:
First,confirm the version of HDMI line should pay attention to the version of HDMI line.
There are three versions of 1.3 and 1.4 and 2.It is recommended to purchase version 2.0 HDMI line with bandwidth up to 21.8 Gbps,support 3D transmission,can meet higher resolution,refresh rate and color depth,can support more than 1080P HD playback,and compatible with 1.3,1.4 functions.
Two,pay attention to the size of HDMI interface.
The interface of HDMI has standard mouth and mini mouth.Due to volume constraints,HDMI interfaces on HD MP4 are basically mini-ports,so HDMI line selection for HD MP4 must find the standard-mini"HDMI wire,otherwise can not be plugged in.
Three,the longer the HDMI line is,the better.
The theoretical transmission distance of a single HDMI line is 7-8 meters,but in practice,it does not need to be so long.Before buying,it is better to measure the length required,provided that the allowance of 50 centimeters is enough.
Four,choose brand HDMI wire,compare worry.
If you find it difficult to judge the quality of HDMI wires with your own eyes,the simplest way is to choose brand HDMI wires,such as eda,Yabao,Fujicables,monsters and other brands.The quality is quite guaranteed!
Five,avoid excessive bending of HDMI wire rod.
In the use of HDMI wire,to avoid excessive bending of wire,such as frequent folding,winding lines may damage the core or shielding layer.Generally curved along the arc,will not damage the cable.